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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
The new Canon lens prices are out. $1500 for the 24-70 f4IS??? Really? You can pick up a 24-105 f4IS for about half that. And I seriously doubt any IQ improvement would be worth twice the price. Canon dumped the 24-105 on the market as a kit lens like they were trying to deplete their inventory. I wonder if they're attempting to do just that to leave no choice but to pay the much higher price for the 24-70.

The 35f2IS is, as expected, in the same general price range as the other two IS upgraded lenses (24 and 28).
I bought my 24-105mm as a "kit" lens in 2008. There's nothing new about that and suspect that they'll keep it up. Part of the deal of a "kit" is to make it a bargain vs. the individual pieces.

Part of what you pay for with L-series is durability. My 24-105mm spends most of its time in my shooting vest's front pocket, where it's occasionally banged and abused as I stumble through the woods with two bodies and a big ole 500mm. It's still a champ when I need it for those sunrises/sunsets and scenics that I come upon while I'm "hunting."

Frankly, I'm amazed that Canon has managed to keep some of its Japanese made lenses at their old prices. When I was there in 2009, the Yen was 110 per dollar and now it's down around 80 per $. That is HUGE and they've been absorbing a lot of that. With the introductions of the Series II lenses and the latest round of prosumer and pro bodies, they've been getting that back, but there are stll some very low price considering the yen/dollar relationship.

The Chinese do make some very good lenses these days, but the Japanese lenses, in general, are better in both IQ and durability. Canon's new super-teles are stunning, besting their own lenses that were state of the art in their times.