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Originally Posted by rismo View Post
To have a N54 engine in a non BMW chassis will take some effort but can be done. I'm actually working on a wrecked N54 (Not mine) for racing purposes.
There are some challenges like the EWS (Electronic steering lock) and the keys.
Also you have get rid of all the not longer applicable options from your VO.
It will be a BMW chassis *if* I do it. I really don't want to do an LS1 as that seems like the 'easy' cop-out solution.

I don't expect the keys aren't that big of a deal. (unless I'm incorrect in thinking that I need to move the related module and key antenna over to the new vehicle). Deleting the keys (for a race car) would be an entirely different project. Did you delete the keys? If so, who handled stripping the code out of the DME?

I've successfully wired in Key/transponder systems in Japanese cars, have successfully installed a GS400 engine in an IS300 chassis and daily driven it for 6 years while being OBD II compliant. I also did a great deal of the pioneer work toward V6 MR2 swaps back in the day. For those curious, I have some photo journals of older projects on my site.

Good point on the VO; I hadn't thought about it. I'd probably be better off trying to code it out most of the options before I disassembled the donor car.

I'll look at the proefi solution. I'd rather a modified DME, but I also know that it could be easier to start over than reverse engineer what BMW did.