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Originally Posted by norman1979 View Post
I hope they will be giving me a courtesy car

dream on Fella,the amount of cars that are on the road with this problem, would probably equal the numbers of both Avis and Hertz of their entire stock of available cars as courtesy ones.

The update will probably only take about 30 mins,and is about as much use as a chocolate tea pot.

If it wasn't for the potential problems with my insurance company should it not be carried out,I wouldn't bother going anywhere near my dealer for the work to be done.

I've got to put the OBD port back in the proper position for the upgrade,faff.
Have the upgrade done,potentially lose my map ,probably lose my fold from the fob wing mirror function (I paid an indy to do),and then to make the car secure AGAIN,I have to put the OBD back to where it rightfully belongs,where some fucker can't find it!

What a load of bollocks for a 40k+ car.

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