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Originally Posted by edirtaynine View Post
because a drag race is what life is all about.
Lol. Of course not, but I believe the request was "fastest", so we should technically only be looking at top speed (also not life's best measurement of general automotive driving pleasure). It is also difficult to objectively quantify handling without having at least all vehicles on the same rack in the same conditions with the same driver. Even then, how was the drivers day? Do you have a better method of comparison? We could add skidpad, slalom, & braking numbers to the comparison, but that could add a layer of confusion.

Simlarly, I'm sure the numbers are all skewed by DCT or manual gearbox (another place for a heated topic about life pleasures to be found behind the wheel). The manual 650 coupe per road and track was about a half second slower than the auto in a 1/4, but many would argue more pleasurable to drive.

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