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Add me to the list guys. 2008 335i vert. Same thing happened out of no where fan working on high in an abnormal way, 5 kms later, yellow warning followed by red another 5 km after. Computer told to drive moderately to cool engine down, did that and then when red warning came up, i pulled over to turn to engine off for safety and called a tow truck. Got it towed to my house an hour ago. Tomorrow is going to be a costly day. Temperature was running below normal and car went into limp mode which was weird for me but i guess its normal to keep engine safe. Definitely wstermpump, thermostat or including a leak from coolant. I checked coolant level after cool off period but no decrease, it was upto level. Mileage 46000 miles. First oil gasket needed replacing last month after I saw a leak from a failed gasket which was a cheap fix. This is the second issue I have faced in 2 years of ownership. I guess it's not too bad of a problem and common with these cars but damn frustrating and it's going to make me sell it if I face a third issue. Knock on wood. I love this car but it's so upsetting.