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Originally Posted by ny911 View Post
VERY GOOD selling price indeed.

Congrats with the sale,what's next?
Today I picked up a 2009 Mercedes CLS350. 0 Hands, 33K km, AMG exterior and new 19" rims. My first driving impressions are that the steering is much lighter than the BMW and the suspension quite a bit softer. Acceleration feel is different. The engine is about a litre larger in displacement so I can feel the power there (272 hp) but acceleration is more subtle than my 325, particularly after I put in the BMW Powerbox chip. The CLS is about 12 inches longer and almost 4 inches wider so it feels a lot bigger. I'm getting a reverse camera system put in this weekend to help with the parking. Interior is more luxurious looking--and given that the car went for over $800K brand new, it better look nice! Paid $455K (to a Wanchai Automall dealer) + another $3K to have it inspected at Zung Fu.

Given this is a BMW forum, folks may be disappointed in my jumping brands but its a car I've always admired and given my requirement of getting something with 4 doors, its seemed the right time to go for it. Sharing a pic for those who are curious.

Looking at pictures of the old car along with the new, I guess I must really like white cars with 5 spoke rims
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