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Came from a 99 Acura CL 2.2 to 2011 E90 x-drive. Difference day and night. Steering was much heavier, but more to my liking because now you could feel the road. Engine power much better than the small 2.2 L. Although I really did like how the Acura CL drove, the power was really laking (didn't go for the V6 because wanted manual). Acura car seat sits little lower and more rake (and was very comfortable, so that took getting used to but love the BMW sport seats. At higher speeds, the BMW gives tons more handling confidence...the faster you go, the more planted the BMW feels.
2011 335i X-drive sedan 6MT/ BS/ ZSP/ Chestnut brown leather/ tint 35%/20%, Lux H8 V3