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Control Arm Replacement Time?

All - car details in sig, now has 55,000 miles. My car has had persistent steering wheel and seat vibration (low amplitude, high frequency) at highway speed for many months now.

I had the factory wheels and tires road force balanced, helped but didn't fix it.

Then I bought new wheels and tires. Vibration persisted. They have been road force balanced three times. Still there, especially noticeable on asphalt highways.

I got an alignment. Front right was barely out of spec, they said they couldn't fix it because this car doesn't have an adjustable strut mount (I believe it was toe?).

A week or so ago, when it was about 40 deg. F., I noticed some squeaking when driving over a small dip in a subdivision (low speed, traveling straight).

I have seen other stories on here about control arm bushings wearing out prematurely on this car, but wanted to run this symptoms by everyone to see if this sounds like it's time for new control arms.

I would rather just replace the control arm than the bushing alone, based on what I've read.

Thanks very much for the input!

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