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Originally Posted by BOBKUR View Post
You can change the bulbs all day long and not change anything. You bought DEPO headlights that are junk, the problem is the projectors that are used in DEPO are garbage. Save your money and buy OEM headlights and throw away the DEPO.
well, as i am a college student now, i could not spend 2K for changing headlight, i def knew DEPO is not good as much as OEM but price was 1/4 cheaper. i am very satisfied having the angel eyes and HID by how much i paid. so now i am just trying to make it better at my situation. once i graduate, one year left, thinking about getting M3

have you ever used DEPO?? but still i believe if i change low beam light bulbs from 6000k to 4300 or 5000 it will make brighter, also i am thinking changing fog to HID as well.