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Originally Posted by getby25 View Post
well, as i am a college student now, i could not spend 2K for changing headlight, i def knew DEPO is not good as much as OEM but price was 1/4 cheaper. i am very satisfied having the angel eyes and HID by how much i paid. so now i am just trying to make it better at my situation. once i graduate, one year left, thinking about getting M3

have you ever used DEPO?? but still i believe if i change low beam light bulbs from 6000k to 4300 or 5000 it will make brighter, also i am thinking changing fog to HID as well.
The closer to 4300k bulb-wise, the better you will be optimized for a 35w setup.

Not condoning one way or another, but if you DO go the path of 55w lowbeams, it would be HIGHLY recommended you go with either OEM bulbs (Philips/Osrams) or at the minimum, a high-quality aftermarket bulb that theretrofitsource sells. Cheapo bulbs that come with most aftermarket kits run significantly hotter Fahrenheit-wise.

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