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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
I love the debate that is light on facts but on heavy on insinuation as if you think you won something.

Did you read the CR? Obviously not. The funding was to stay either at current levels or lower from the last appropriations. That more Democrats voted for it than Republicans is EXACTLY the point I made to refute Xbook's faulty premise that Republicans voted to defund the State Department's request for Security.

And since you like to deflect the argument, stick to what's germane. The State dept. official testified under oath that the budget had ZERO impact on security decisions for the Embassies/Consulates.

Facts suck for you don't they?
<Shaking my head>
You still don't get it.
Of course a lot of democrats voted for the CR as did republicans. The notion that more democrats voted for it than republicans actually hurts your point. IF the democrats and/or republicans didn't vote for the CR than guess what happens next? That means NO MONEY would be appropriated aka completely defunded.
By voting for the CR they kept the status quo vs a much scarier thought of completely defunding the Dept of State. It's one or the other.

Do you get it now?