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Just had a look on which for you.

Their "best buys" recommendations are:

Ebac Powerpac DH700WG

The Ebac Powerpac is the most expensive dehumidifier we've tested - but do you get what you pay for? We set it squeezing water out of the air under our tough test conditions - read on to find out if we think you should splash out on this dehumidifier, or save your money for a rainy day.

The Ebac Powerpac impressed us enough to earn the Which? Best Buy recommendation - while it's not cheap, its running costs are low and most importantly it's head and shoulders above the rest at sucking water out of the air, making it worth the extra cash.

Ebac 2650e DD695WH

The Ebac 2650e dehumidifier costs a pretty penny, but will you be pleased with your investment? We put it through tough lab tests to see if spending a bit more means you get a dehumidifier that squeezes water out of the air in super-quick time, or if it's just money down the drain. Read on to find out our verdict.

This Ebac is one of our Best Buys so it's worth the high price tag. It's not quite as good at dehumidifying as its Best Buy sister model, the Ebac Powerpac, and its filters need replacing regularly, but it is cheaper.

So maybe look out for an Ebac, they seem to do what's intended.