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Originally Posted by acj75 View Post
Good info. I didn't mean to sound like I doubted your friend's experience if that's how it came across. I'm not an advanced driver, but like many of you who frequent this area of the forum, I'm sincerely interested in improving my driving. When I read your post, I was trying to relate to my own personal driving experiences for context. In my mind, "putting the hammer down" is how I would describe mashing the gas as the light turns green while brake torquing at the drag strip.

I drive my AT in DS mode with DSC off during autoX and track days. However, I've found that the car will still downshift if your revs are low enough and you hit the kick down switch.

Mashing the gas and hitting the kick down switch coming out of corners caused me to spin my car several times when I first started out (fortunately during autoX and never on a road course). Instructors would tell me I was over driving the car, too eager to stomp the gas, too jerky with my hands, etc.

Over time I've found that when I'm pushing hard on exit, "rolling into the throttle" can be done quickly, but not so quick as to trigger kick down or spins. I'm not trying to imply that I'm afraid of the car downshifting, but rather I'm working to find that perfect balance between maintaining traction while getting back to full throttle as quickly as possible.

By the way, the rubber grommets really are a good idea, and I may try that out.
I dont use the rubber grommets but I may look into that...seems like a good idea. I just trained myself (with the car OFF) to feel the point at which the click for the kick down occurs. You can then get used to just accel to THAT point and NOT trigger the kick down yet still get WOT in the gear you are in. Even though I have done this on the track it still feels like you are rolling into the throttle because you are not in the next lower gear at higher rpms. So if you exit a turn in 3rd gear and do this you will likely be around 3000 rpm rather than "kick down" which would go to ~4500 rpm in 2nd gear. The car will not jerk as much and you may not have as much accel but you will have more control and less wheel spin or chance of spin out. Also you should have better tires for the track than you do for the street which helps. Also, I am not at the point of extracting the last 0.1 sec off my lap time because I think so much more time at my level is made up in proper entry and exit lines. FWIW,... These are just my opinions of what seems to work for me.