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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
hey, was just letting oyu know the actual prices of these items (not the high one you managed to find) and what you should actually expect to sell them for reasonably

don't have to be so rude about it.
I don't want to start a discussion, I already asked you not to post here if you are not interested in buying. I am completely tired and irritated by your accusations. You sir are the one that is being rude, encroaching and lurking around "for sale" threads making remarks about prices, who gave you the right to say what things are worth?.

You can ask anybody what they think about members that do what you're doing. You will learn that it is completely frowned upon. On top of it all you are mistaken and are confusing any potential buyers with your false remarks.

Regarding your PM...Let me explain it so you can understand: BC Racing NA is the exclusive importer/distributer of the brand in the US. So any STORE that RETAILS them has to buy it from them, AND they have set minimum prices. If you make an order directly with Taiwan, they forward you to BC NA. I guess nobody has exclusivity where you live, good for you. $500 off a like new set of coilovers sounds like a good deal to me, sorry you don't like it. Would you be happy if I gave them away for free? Do you want a set?

You think I am wrong? Ask anybody. Call Circuit Motorsports, Import Image, or any other big retailers of BC Racing in the US and ask them about it.