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Having suffered a number of hurricanes in Florida the only difference I see between NY and Florida is that Florida hurricanes usually happen when it is still very hot out. You can survive but it isn't pleasant. NY now getting cold and getting a Norester is going to be hurting again.
Gas lines in Florida, no there usually are none because days before this happens people go hord all the gas they can. Not unusual to have no gas for weeks on end and no power, water or sewage either.

You quickly learn to adapt and typically if your home is destroyed and many are you find friends to stay with, family or you leave until services are restored. The dense population in NY must make this issue about 10 times worse.

Think about flooded subways with salt water. Everything will have to be replaced and that doesn't happen overnite either.

It will be years before full infrastructure is back in place.

Where I live we have no pipelines like everyone else does we have to barge fuel in which is why there are weeks to months before it is available again.

Here we have gas or diesel gen sets but NY that only works if you have a rural area or high rise that has one that didn't get flooded.

If you have never been through this before it is hard to appreciate simple things like power, heat and food...