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Got my Cobb, and questions

Hi all,

picked up my used Cobb on Sunday, finally got around to slapping a tune in it last night after work. Haven't driven it seriously yet because it's darn cold, it'd take a while for the oil temp to come up to the point where I could really pull the trigger on it.

questions: 1) engine has much more of a "bucket of bolts" sound than it did before. Is it possible that that has something to do with the Cobb tune (VANOS changes?) or is that just because it suddenly dropped about 20 degrees between the last time I drove the car and when I started it after flashing? I used the Stage 1 Sport Linear map if it makes any difference.

2) I also used the Cobb to read all the codes, obviously I do not have any "hard" codes but some of the ones that came up were H2E81 and H2E82. After a quick google it sounds like I should start budgeting for a new WP and thermostat. How long do I have, typically, or is this one of those "do it as soon as you have the money" things?

Other codes that I got were

H29D1 (which the googs tells me is a "Cylinder 5 misfire" but I think I'm probably well overdue for plugs and in fact I'm waiting on my order for the spark plug tool to come in; I ordered it before I even got the Cobb.)

Is there a comprehensive list of these codes anywhere? Are any of these cause for concern? It appears that depending on who you ask the others are either innocuous or an impending sign of HPFP failure and I'm not sure who's right!