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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
I find it amazing how hoodwinked the entire country is when it comes to our government.

You would think that out of the 300+ million people we could find a better lot of 545 people to run this country.
There are some great, smart leaders out there in the private sector.

Offer them the job. Tell them you want them to run an entity whose financial model is fundamentally untenable long term, it always spends more than it takes in, and the aging demographics and shrinking taxpayer pool suggest that will only get worse. You want them to turn this ship around. Oh, and their family will lose a lot of their personal freedoms to go do stuff, and their own life is so in danger they need 24/7 suffocating levels of protection (which still doesnt always work), and it pays 1/10 what they get now.

Yeah, that'll attract the cream of the crop.