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Originally Posted by smi1gj View Post
me and the OP both were cutting 1.8x avg 60fts that day. I have a 6at sedan and we both use the same launch technique. 2nd gear to roughly 3K. roll out and then hammer it. my best was 1.76 and 1.79 on street tires. you have to feel your track out. Our track changes daily and even hourly depending on the weather.
For a second I had forgotten that you were in an automatic.

It's a shame i'll probably not head out to the drag strip this year with the car so next year i'll have to experiment with different launching techniques. I used to go to the strip with my previous car for 5 years straight (2005 STi) and I consider myself a seasoned drag racer. It will certainly be hard to adjust to a RWD car from an AWD jap-box.

OP, quick question, when you AT guys are going down the track, do you manually shift with the paddle shifters or do you let the computer do it?