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OK, so I just went out and took pictures. Maybe not my best work as a photographer... but either way...

One thing I'll say to start off. I think the tires aren't as new as I thought they were. I'd say they are mid-life... I don't know how to measure these and how one would judge remaining life, but I'd expect to get another year out of them if I were still driving on them. Hard to judge though...

First, a shot of the wheels. A couple have some minor curb rash, but overall they look very good to me (at least on the front side - the inside/back are really dirty, haven't had time to clean them, and likely won't).

Now for the tires. This was hard to show any real depth or detail, here's my best shot(s):

Hopefully these render OK. If not, I can email you pictures if you PM me.


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