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Originally Posted by Spydeputy View Post
Not in Maryland
Do you say that because you are an officer sir??

I have been driving around with my type tint for about 1 year and passed by local cops all the time and none ever said anything. I got stopped by state trooper (I think). I don't do it because I want to hide something or anything. Even if I had didn't have tint on I would prolly still bring windows down if I got stopped at night and make sure I kept my hands on the. I wanna make sure the cop feels safe and I don't want to get shot because of a cop thinking my cell phone is a gun.
The only other reasons I can think of this happened was.
1- I was driving listening to Metallica, bobbing my head, driving fine (Not driving like a maniac at al).
2- I had just gotten new wheels, car looks more aggressive, less stocky.
3- One of the cops was teaching the other on what small things to look for that could prevent another fellow from getting hurt later during a traffic stop.?