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Originally Posted by Jeffcharger View Post
I have the bluetooth in the car too. Tha'ts the part that I think is "slick" and that I like so much. The potential issue is how the 2 units integrate. In my case, the Belkin unit takes over the voice control from the car's integral setup. It doesn't do it as well... it's distorted and too loud. I think that the Giffen unit might be better for this since I don't believe that it has voice handsfree for the phone.

I think that you'll like the iphone 5 integration. I have the iphone 4s and it's great with the connection. You can show maps, get talking instructions (with IOS 6) and can do voice control of music and texting etc.

Let us know how the Giffen units works.
Sorry so just to be clear... the Belkin will always attempt to take over voice calls from the car? That sucks... I like the way the blackberry one supposedly leaves calls to the car and only does audio.

I like that the Belkin provides an extra USB port though so that I can sometimes charge the phone too while it streams via bluetooth.

Perhaps I can just use one of these... one port to charge the blackberry bluetooth adapter and leave a normal iphone USB cable plugged in also to charge the phone once in a while...

I'm considering the Griffin unit folks have been discussing, I like its compact form. However reading through the comments on this thread seem to contradict each other regarding audio quality being good...

Originally Posted by DavidZ View Post
I have this Griffin unit and the A2DP audio quality seems great. I've only used it to stream navigation directions and a movie soundtrack from my Android phone so far, not serious music listening which I do via USB flash drive. Once paired it automatically pairs every time the car and phone are on.
A month later, have you tried music now and is it good quality??