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Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
i hear ya, but the main reason i'm not a fan of csl trunks is bc of fitment... i mean i like 'em in terms of looks (amuse or arkym r my fave),
n i'm not sayin that they all hav horrible fitment, but they jus don't lineup w/ the body 2 meet my standards.
perfect example is that pic u posted, if u look closer u'll notice the bottom portion of the taillights don't lineup.

as 4 my car, believe it or not, i don't hav a bimmer.
long story short, 2 years ago i placed an order 4 an sg e90 lci m-sport n unfortunately shortly afterwards i lost my well payin job.
i'm workin 2 jobs currently, so 1 day hopefully... i'm jus an admirer 4 now

I see your point about fitment, I would definitely want to get a trunk that fits properly, of course my body shop helps me with that, they got all my other parts spot on. But I know what you mean for sure. Fiitment is key.

Hope you can get one soon man! I'm sure you will know how to pimp it out when you do!