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The garage should have the correct details as they had the V5 off me as it was a 1st MOT. Which number are you refering to?

He also asked another tester from a garage round the corner to check his results as the reading was so high.

He also ran the test & printed it out 3 times for me to see the results.

Car is now with stealer after I kicked up a fuss with the salesman who wants me to buy a new car from him as next weds was too long to wait before they even look at it.

I'm pretty certain that it's something that the stealers done when they had the car in last week as I also noticed yesterday that it had only done 42.3 miles since I had it back on Friday & used a 1/4 pf a tank of fuel. As they did a software update when the had it the computer had reset everything so the current mpg is only 19 . It's not a M3 FFS

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