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Write off! New Car Choice - HELP!!

So, there I was cruising up the motorway in the fast lane, minding my own business, when a Honda Jazz appears out of the ether, decides my lane is big enough for the both if us, and comes on over to see me.

At this point i'm thinking....Honda Jazz or central reservation....? Surely the Jazz I hear you cry. However, in my desire not to flip, spin, roll or engage in any other death defying activities, I opted for the barrier. So after 'railing' the barrier for approx 50m, I thought righ, f**k the Jazz, i'm coming back in to my lane, at which point all 4 tyres hit tarmac and I snaked for what seemed like an eternity, missed a couple of artics but managed to hold it using my advanced driving skills.......

Long short of it, my 320d E92 M-sport has gone to the bavarian grave yard in the sky (along with my 19" VMRs, HR springs, evolve remap, black grill and repeaters).

Anyway, now the important bit. TIME TO GO CAR SHOPPING......

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get another E92, the big question is which one? I have been going round in circles for days. I had the same problem when I purchased my 320d. I created endless spreadsheets looking at purchase costs and running costs for diesel vs petrol and all the rest of it.

The defining factor in my purchase is that I commute 90 miles a day. If it were not for this I'd be driving around in an M3. Last time I got so stressed procrastinating, one day I ripped up all my spreadsheets and did the most sensible thing I've ever done and went for the 2.0d regardless.

Now, after having the 2.0d (and averaging 44mpg), i'm thinking I want something different. 330d/330i/335d/335i.....

Are these larger engines REALLY worth the extra each month and what MPG returns are these cars actually getting in the real world??? (yes I know there's a thread, but this is a wider subject about overall appeal). Or is it the same old classic novelty factor which wears off after 6 months and leaves you thinking you should have bought a 2.0 diesel!?!

Would any owners of these top end models care to comment on whether the relationship is, or was a harmonious one? Any regrets?