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Hahahahaha @ the pic. Yes kev agreed that politicians can be.... **** ( no offense to Benson and Hedges). As most of them either A. Don't drive, B. too busy finding ways to claim rent for houses they have not even seen in years or C. Going to one on one tutorials with professionals who teach them to lie... like **** ( again no offense to British American Tobacco).

In fairness it was his constituents who were complaining and so he has to be seen to be doing something.

In which case the *** ( apologies to Imperial Tobacco) should be lobbying to try and build a Night Track instead of an extra runway. One where Londoners and others further afield can gather and have either track sessions and Santa pod style drags all in a safe and professionally hosted area, which also has facilities for London and maybe UK's only drive in cinema and late night Ice cream parlor. Where the youth of today can gather and socialise, and where other motorsport brands can have garages to showcase their products and work with young people to develop skills and offer apprenticeships. Thus combined with the push in facilities in Olympics could really put London at the for front for sports and motorsports.

But hey everyone can dream I guess....