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Thumbs up xi with Bilstein HD and stock springs review

The Bilstein HD ( Stock Springs ) are finally installed!

I've only driven 75 miles on them so far, so obviously, that's not enough time for a proper review. However, I'll give you my first impressions.

Original setup for my 2007 328xi:
- Tires : Hankook Ventus V12 (Non-RFT)
- Shocks: Original Sach with 84k miles

1. Comfort: Fantastic! These are far more comfortable than my stock shocks*. I was very nervous that they would be harsh, but it's completely the opposite. I was actually aiming at every pothole, manhole cover, etc. I could find just to test shocks and they handled them all great. Previously it sounded like the car was cracking in half or that I bent a rim. Not the case anymore!

*NOTE: It's possible that they're actually not more comfortable than brand new OEM Sach since I'm only comparing them to mine which had 84K miles on them. However, I've had plenty of seat time in the 328i loaners from the dealership, which has under 10k miles on them, and they where only marginally more comfortable than mine.

2. Handing: Night and day. At first I didn't notice any difference because I was just going over a lot of long highway stretches. However, when I finally found some twisties it was surreal. The car stayed completely flat through the corner! My car has never felt like this before. I'm used to getting thrown into my door and feeling like the car is about to flip. Very impressed with that. The other big complaint with xi suspension is that "floaty feeling", which I'm glad to report, is missing here too . I was able to weave back in forth in my lane at high speeds without body roll. Normally, doing that at 50mph is enough to upset the car's balance! Also, the nose doesn't dive when braking hard, which is always a plus.

3. Side effects: I heard that shocks might jack up my car a bit and I believe they did, but I can't tell by looking at it (Yes I know it looks like it in the pick but it looked like that before too) and it actually turned out to be a good thing. I'm used to constantly getting high-beamed by oncoming traffic at night due to my HID headlights. Now that should no longer be an issue because my headlights don't project straight out anymore. The stock rears must have been sagging quite a bit because now the car is noticeably higher in the rear, giving it a back to front, downward slope (Rake is still there). I even notice it while sitting in the car. I'm not sure if this will even out after a while, but for now it's kinda nice. Although, I do miss having the HID pointed straight out, I didn't even need to use high-beams before

Total cost after (including NJ sales tax): $1,058
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