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Btw where was this? It looks like it's in Edmonton on 102 St NW / 13 Ave at South Edmonton Common (outside the Ikea parallel to Gateway Blvd). This area is a nightmare when it comes to drivers especially. I have a friend who was in an accident in that same area too.

Edit: Actually I took back my last comment about the speed limit. I'm 100% sure that the road's in Edmonton at South Edmonton Common. And I'm very sure the posted speed limit is 50 kmph in that area, not 60 kmph since it's a branch off Parsons Road (and I just checked using Google Maps).

Hope you both are ok but I think both of you were at fault in this sense. With the frozen pavement in Edmonton and video proof you were going 60 kmph (which according to your needle would show 65 kmph), your dash would show you were speeding 15 kmph over the limit with snow and ice on the ground. That being said, the other car should not have turned but I think you probably would have had time to brake or at least limit the damage if you were driving for the conditions and the speed limit.,20.97,,0,8.4

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