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I'm not one to complain but... since this thread was started I might as well voice my opinion.

I've been a loyal customer from the start with my car and almost every available product from them for my N55 is on the car. Thats about 2 years worth of development. I have the 3.5inch catless dp, first one they made... Then I had the Procede v2 and upgraded later to the 3.0 version. Added the Methanol kit and so i'm pretty much maxed out products for my car from them. You'd think i'd get some response when I email them about problems with my car being mostly with Automatic shifting hard! It feels like my AT is going to break when i drive in my meth map normally in traffic and shifting gears... NO response from them in the last attempt I made to contact them more than a month ago. I am stuck driving on map0 unless I want to go fast and not being stuck in traffic then i switch to map4 but not without switching back to 0 if i see a light coming up or a stop sign.

So in the past i've told them which map updates fixed the problem, and which ones broke it... so far not a peep on any development or potential fixes. All I got and almost in a mass response to any questions related to N55 support is that they are working on new firmware that they've learned from N54 development. That was a couple months ago...

I'm pretty happy with the performance, but not satisfied with the shifting part of it, and less satisfied with the feedback/service from an N55 standpoint. I mean, COBB is about 6 months or more out and they have more posts in the N55 section than Vishnu has thats' been "Supporting" this platform for more than 2 years already!