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Originally Posted by Havok_2011 View Post
60km/h is pretty fast, what regular road has that speed limit?

The guy that is turning is at fault, but I can't say the guy driving with the cam was not careless. He changed lanes at the last minute to pass the guy turning in front of him, so the guy that hit him probably saw no one coming and began to turn as the driver with the cam switched lanes and tried to bolt through.

It's an unfortunate event, if the person with the cam slowed down a bit when changing lanes he might have seen the other guy coming.

Not sure, seems a little careless on both parties involved.
+1 I agree with Havok.

Driver turning left probably didn't think the dashcam driver would switch away from the most right lane and not wait for the car in front of him to finish turning into the plaza.

Curious as to what the law would say about this, as the dashcam driver did switch lane and try to bolt through at the very last minute.