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Originally Posted by ericruiz911 View Post
^ awesome reply!

Just a couple other things, try and get a good wash mitt. This will make the world of difference in protecting the car. For the interior, you can use Cockpit Premium or 303. I like both honestly but 303 is a 2 step.

-Clean wheels first to avoid getting it on the car
-Use a blower to help dry the car (helps with crack and excess water. Got mine for $25 a home depot)
-Do both the Rejuv. Oil and PC for the leather, leather will feel very clean.
-Try collinite as a second layer of protection on top of the sealant (optional but i love collinite )

Hope this helps
Thanks for the advice! The problem is that I live in an apartment, so to wash, I'm going to have to fill up a bucket (maybe two) with water and go park my car on a side street away from water and electricity sources. I don't think I can do the wheels first, b/c that will ruin my wash and rinse buckets, forcing me to go back home and refill them before continuing to the paint, right? Similarly, I'll probably skip the blower, as I don't have a garage to keep it in or an outlet to plug it into.

Is the Leatherette Rejuv oil really needed on a 3 year old car with sealed leather?
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