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My Techincs wiring harness arrived...

Big thanks to Ram335i on here allowing me to order my harness with his

First thing that shocked me was the size and weight of the whole wiring kit, I presumed it would only be a little block connector how wrong was I

Now I am slightly confused as to what is what and where to connect? Can someone explain as the instructions sent with this are very vague?

Connector on the left connects to the back of the HU
Connector on the right connects to the car wiring
Relay (one with 4 spade connectors Not sure what to do with this
Also have like a small plastic bit looks like a jumper again not sure where this goes?

unsure how these connect apart from I know you run one lot down to the amp and then back up to the HU
One has 9 wires and the other 8 wires

I presume these connect to the under seat subs?

I have no idea what these are for and how they connect?

One thing that is concerning me is that I have a JL xd400/4 amp, how do I connect inputs as I thought this would have had RCA out puts on the harness?