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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Sam - if I had known when i came for the amp i would have bought yours but I had already ordered this couple days after - wish I did buy yours all ready

Begining to think this is going to be hassle

The blue wire is additinal which I presume is the remote turn on lead?

Will I need a LOC as now only I am worried about how to connect onto amp as there are no rca connectors?
It is pretty simple mate.
No LOC required unless if you want to add noise / complexities into your system.
Just add RCA connectors at the end of the harness and into your amp.
Beauty of XD400/4, switch it to 2 channel and you will need to connect only a pair of RCA wires and that will power all 4 channels.


P.S: yes blue wire should be amp remote wire and you will require that to feed to your amp.