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Thanks Sam, i really do wish I had purchased your wiring loom (live and leanr and all that)

RCA connectors where can I buy them at short notice as I am planning on installing this Friday

So let me get this staright in my head -

The loom with 9 wires I will run from the HU to the amp, the bare wires on the end I will fit rca connectors - how do i fit these is it by soldering?(I am presuming 2 wires per rca?) and then the blue as remote turn on lead

Then the return loom, how/where do I connect the bare wires on that onto the amp - do i need to connect all 8?
Or just the 2 fronts per channel i.e. front left on one channel and front right on the 2nd channel

Apology if above sounds stupid but i am having difficulty trying to picture it in my head, maybe once I start to instal be easier but i like to have it planned out in my head beforehand)

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