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Weekend Work Renumeration


I am an it consultant and my employer has agreed to offer 'weekend support' over the xmas period to one of our clients...

now, what would an acceptable rate of pay would you think for this service to myself? bear in mind i am a higher rate tax payer and typically work 8.30 'til 6 anyway

Welll... i've been offered 300 for the whole weekend!, am i wrong to expect more? It's only just squeaking above a standard days wages (based on 260 working days a year) after tax.. and it's for two days work!!

Just looking for thoughts really.. extra few hundred quid for 3 or 4 weekends work running up to xmas would be nice, but i am honestly considering saying no on principle.

Would i be rude to come back asking for at *base* a single days wages equivalent per day, and hopefully something bordering on time and a half.. i do appreciate they don't have to pay me anything, but working weekends is not in my contract or taken into consideration in my salary

to clarify this will be me being 'on call' and severely limited to what i can do / where i can go because of it...