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Originally Posted by Kolyan2k View Post
^ there is no law in USA because people are too stupid, thats why you see so many accidents w/ fatal results during winter storms. It can all be easily avoided.

Quite a lot of people here go with AS tires because they are broke as fucks due to their BMW purchase. It make no sense to buy BMW and dramatically decrease your performance and safety during summer and winter.....365 days a year.
There is no law here in the US because its not needed. Most accidents in the winter are from people who is stupid enough to buy a RWD car and drive it in the snow without winter tires. I have been driving AWD cars or SUV with AS tires for 20 years and never had a problem with any Boston winter. As far as performance and safety, RWD do not perform better than AWD in everyday driving, unless you track your car, 99% of the drivers cannot tell the difference. As far as safety, AWD is a great safety feature in the snow, rain or any type of slippery consition.