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Originally Posted by bmwaddiction View Post
my install (labour only) cost almost $800 at the local dealer
Dayum that's more than the cost of the unit! But not surprised being stealer labour costs.

Originally Posted by timnkoo View Post
Hello Rayz, just a technical correction for you on your post- the LCI subs are NOT 2ohm, the basic kit are 4ohm and therefore perfectly matched to the amp- this is why BMW released this kit- to update the basic stereo package ("stereo package"). I assume you read somewhere that all Logic7 subs are 2ohm, which they are, and incorrectly connected this to LCI for some reason. Note pre and post LCI audio systems are identicle from a hardware point of view.

Also on the DIY path- each to their own, I find this upgrade very simple indeed, as have many others (which convinced me to do an audio upgrade in the first place) so it really depends on whether you can follow instructions or not .

Cheers, Tim
Tim, I actually read on the forums that they are recommending getting L7 subs as they are 4ohm whilst the stock subs are 2ohm. I'll look for that thread again to confirm and will stand corrected if I've misintepreted.

Agree that DIY is different to each person; I just think it may take me 3x the time to do this . Maybe I could do this over the Christmas break hmnnnnnn...