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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Ahh it makes sense now to me -

From HU (with 9 wires)

Blue - Remote turn on lead
White = LF +
White with Black strip = LF -
Grey = RF +
Grey with black strip = RF -

Green = LR +
Green with black strip = LR -
Purple = RR +
Purple with black strip = RR -

So I ignore the rear (tape these up) as I am only using a 4 channel amp to amp front speakers and under seat subs.

So I get a RCA connector and fit on LF + & -
Then another RCa connector RF + & -

I could do the same with the rears and RCA - is there any benefit of having this connected?

Then on the return loom, same configuration as before but I fit
channel 1 - LF + & -
channel 2 - RF + & -

Channel 3 - L Sub + & - (the black cables with connectors)
Channel 4 - R Sub + & - (the black cables with connectors)

i think that is right? Can someone post a link to the correct type of RCA's needed?
Ebay item number: 180793596183
You need mini screw driver to fit the wires.

For rears, just bridge them next to amp.

Again, put the amp on 2 channel mode. Feed it from pair of RCA and it will power all 4 channels.

If you ever go for 6 channel amp, then you can add RCA to rears and connect the returning wires to amp.