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Lol man you're 18 with a 335i coupe...what did you expect?

In any case ill try and be helpful while I shake my head at this nonsense of you being that age and parents buying you a luxury car lol.

If you were held at fault for that "total loss" and given your age it's likely that you are now classified high risk.

If you are under your parents policy as an "occasional driver" this is the best way to save $$. They however might be insured with a co. that charges high rates anyways.

Many insurers such as intact, unifund, the personal all have group/student rates, but your be primary and likely pay as much if not more.

Lastly, keep in mind in the past 2yrs insurers have been approved for 8%-20% rate increases on auto lines.

Try the above insurers and discuss with your broker where you are being "dinged". Could be the accident, tickets, likely age and the insurer.