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CPO warranty has been a joke for me.. 5 months of owning car car

-strut plates went bad.. Covered? nope had to pay $$$$$$
-Pixels on stereo are faded so bad I can barely see the display.. covered? Nope (dealing with it).
- Xenon Lights were horribly adjusted when I bought the have them adjusted wasn't covered so I just adjusted them myself (easiest fix ever). but had I not known how to adjust them (thank you e90 post) it would have been like $300 to have the dealership twist a knob a few times.
-Tons of wind noise coming through the frame-less windows on my e92.. covered? nope! Fixed it myself (sort of)..
-Bluetooth intermittently stops working.. Covered? Nope!
- one of the TPMS went bad 2 months after I bought the car, covered? Nope! Luckily it was a cheap fix.

I love my 3 series, but I don't think I would pay a premium for BMW's version of CPO...