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This was an excellent post. Down to every detail including the tricky black clip (for the power window buttons) behind the door panel.

The longest part of the ordeal was removing the vapor barrier using a blade. I wanted to make sure when it was time to put it back on that there was good contact with the glue - so I took care to cut in the middle of the glue as I reflected the vapor barrier.


1. Very important - Check out these detailed photos with arrows and very helpful tips to help with this DIY.

2. In the following step:

The door lock was removed by removing the small circular cover on the side of the door and removing the 4 mm Allen bolt. As far as I can tell, you must remove this first or the actuator will not come out. this is referring to the keyhole piece. the allen bolt should come out all the way, be careful it doesn't drop inside the door panel.

I didn't remove the allen bolt all the way. It's not necessary. Remove the allen bolt just enough for the keyhole piece to be slipped out. The allen bolt will remain in place and avoid the risk of having it drop inside of the door panel.

3. If you get stuck at a step, re-read the instructions and look at the photos. Very helpful and i'm not a very technical person, I'm in the medical industry by profession. But I do follow instructions.

I ordered the parts from Circle BMW (Chris - very helpful guy, and extremely nice, helped me to diagnose my problem) - shipping for all items was only $14 (two day).

()= list price, [] price I paid
Actuator - ($100.50), [$80.40]
Microfilter (with activated carbon) - ($51.80), [$41.40] (also used the microfilter guide on this forum and the reset maintenance instructions on this forum)
Wiper Blades - Left ($16.60), [$13.28], Right ($15.50), [12.40]
Alcantara Sports Steering Wheel Trim - ($97.00), [77.60] (also used the steering wheel guide on this forum)

I ordered the Trim Tools from Harbor Freight for $6.99 + $6.99 shipping (turns out they are the same ones being sold at a BMW website listed on here for $12 + $14 shipping). Saves a little $$. I purchased all the tools I needed from Harbor Freight. There is a 20% coupon off a single item if you do a google search.

Hope that helps someone. And thanks again to the original poster.
BTW, I did the entire job in 2 hours. If I had to do it again, it would take me under an hour.

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