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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
The point was made and you agreed that the Dow looks better today than it did 4 years ago when Barack Obama took office. Period.

What happened in 2007 is irelevent because Barack Obama was not in office. Let's please stay on topic.
The only thing that matters is that the Dow closed higher today than when he was inaugurated ? Where he started from is irrelevant ?

They day Obama took office in 2009, the DJ was only at 7949 points.

There's really nowhere to go from there but up. Saying that he has improved on that hardly takes much. The last time a president had a number at the start of his term that was actually lower than that was when Bill Clinton got re-elected in 1996.

Saying that he managed to improve upon a starting point of the Dow from the level last seen in the mid-90's is hardly an impressive feat. If a recruiter called me up and said he could get me more money than I made in 1996 (but less than I made in 2007), I wouldnt be terribly impressed with that, either.