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Originally Posted by Yoro35i View Post
I would rather get rape by the fee's than sell it out dirt cheap. if other people can find it for 300 then why are you still here? go n buy the 300 ones. it all seems like a haggling strategy to me
Don't get too emotional dude. What I am saying is there is chance to get it cheaper elsewhere. But it just need time. Not all adverts sell at the same price. Sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you don't. If you're willing to watch the adverts everyday you might get better deal. It's not like it's sold at 300 at anytime. This guy is trying to sell his and I just told him that my friend just bought the same new phone for 300 (he's lucky I can say). I just asked this guy if he would consider this price. If he doesn't want to, then I'll just walk away. No one is ruining his sale. Someone that need a phone instantly might grab this at his asking price though. Anyway, GLWTS! if you're willing to nego the price, pm me. I'm really looking for one now! But my budget is just around 300 mark