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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
The problem with people like you is that you believe everything you read on the internet. While RWD with snow tires do stop shorter, they do not accelarate and climb hills as well as AWD with a good set of AS. AWD and snow tires each have their advantage and disadvantage in the snow. Having both would be ideal. Anyone who knows how to drive in the snow knows to keep extra distance from the car in front when its slippery. The people who are the most dangerious are the drivers without AWD or snow tires.
Wrong.....I had FWD, AWD, and RWD cars with AS tires, with summer tires, and with winters.

My AWD car with pretty bad high performance winter tires was not as good as my RWD car with snow/ice tires.

Its RWD car that was like a tank in snow. After that I would never buy another AWD car in Mass, unless its a high performance AWD. Not a fan of carrying extra weight for no reason.