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If you like see more discussions on waterless or rinseless wash... check out It is a dedicated forum for car detailing. Many Pros and hard core hobbyists hang out there.

Gary Dean is a detailer in Florida and he is also one of the sponsor vendor (just like Detailer Domain from post #4- also a sponsor) on that forum. He had developed a method to do a rinseless wash with minimal products and equipment. I tried it on a few cars and it seemed to work well. He pushes his product on his video but you can use the same method for ONR.

As for the wheels.... once your car has been detailed ask your detailer to apply a coat of sealant (some would even use Opti-coat) on the rims. This would help tremendously the next time you wash the car. Dirt and grime would just wipe off with ONR and a MF towel.

I mentioned this to you on another post. His method might be the best approach to take in your situation.
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