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Originally Posted by dominick View Post
Hey guess what.... Women vote, legal latino's and latina's vote, gay people vote, and yes black people vote. They are people of the united states buddy. Obama fights for those who have rights too! Who votes for Rommey??? Rich whites and raciest... enough said.
why does racism always have to be apart of this....there are many successful minorities within the republican party. And I as a conservative would love to welcome as many minorities into my party as possible. I truly feel that conservatism at its core is good for people of all backgrounds.

if 96% of any race votes for a candidate, don't you think that is real racism?

And we have had multiple women run for office. It typically ends in them being mocked and ridiculed. These women are not dumb but are portrayed as idiots by the media. The democrats want to champion the woman vote but when a conservative woman seeks power she is quickly dismissed.

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