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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
What kind of tires did you run? Did the power of the single turbo give you a problem with corner exits?
Toyo R888s.

I was really surprised by how well the car stuck out of the corners, and felt I could have used more power There were a couple of instances coming onto the main straight where I was sliding a little, but still kept the throttle matted. Keep in mind my car is heavily modified and has even more mods than currently in my sig. (metal bushings and such) The car handled much better than I expected, and more power could have easily been used. You shouldn't be worried about the single turbo producing too much power, I found myself wanting more.

I have slicks but was unable to mount them since I'm still waiting on my second set of wheels.

Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
How was the power delivery out on the course? Did lag present any kind of problem?

My car is somewhat of a freak and spools around 3500 rpm. I wasn't running E85 on the track, but those dynos accurately represent where the spool comes in.

I have about 3800 rpms to play with, meaning I have full spool for most of the RPM band. (rpm limit is raised)

So, spool really wasn't an issue at all. I always had a ****ton of power.

Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
How long were your sessions? You were running 24psi + meth; any idea what coolant temps looked like?
20 minute sessions, 1 hour cool-down. There was one 25 minute session where the oil got to 260F, and I felt that if I had kept driving much longer I was going to start loosing timing, but it never happened. I have no idea what my coolant temps looked like, and I can't image they were good, but the car never seemed to loose power or pull timing. I'm having FFTEC look into radiator upgrades right now.

Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Had you had it on the track before the single turbo? If so how does the heat output compare to the heat now that you've got the single?
I've been on the track twice before with stock turbos. Once with meth and once without, both times with the AR Design oil cooler + the stock oil cooler. Both times I hit limp mode almost immediately. I didn't have the STETT oil cooler in either of those track days, and I recommend everyone get it. I don't know if it was the single turbo or the STETT oil cooler that helped the most with my temps, but 630whp and no limp mode makes me a happy panda.

Overall I was extremely happy with the performance of my car. I need to get back to the track asap. Shift Sector this weekend!
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