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Originally Posted by douggreglas View Post
-While trying to get the coding to work, I reset the ECU that controls the sunroof. This caused the car to throw an error code - it needs to have the sunroof's travel distance calibrated, otherwise it can't tell the difference between pinching someone's fingers and being all the way closed. To fix this (with the sunroof and shade completely closed), I pressed up on the sunroof button and held for 2-3 minutes. After a while, everything opened all the way, and then closed all the way. This was its calibration procedure.

I believe the same applies to the windows - if you somehow lose the calibration data, it'll get upset, and a similar procedure will re-calibrate it.
Wow, interesting! Somehow doing an SG_RESET on the whole car didn't mess up my windows or sunroof at all, but good to know, thanks for the heads up.