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100,000 mile report

2 days ago............

My car was an '07 without an oil cooler, and I started out tracking it bone stock like that. I slowly modded it, but every year, I did several track events. I feel I've really, really driven this thing hard at the track. In addition, it was daily driven in stop and go/highway conditions, with temps ranging from -10 to 105F. Before my cooling mods, my car hit 290F+ oil temps routinely. Oddly enough, the OEM engine, Trans, and Turbos are SOUND at this mileage. A testament to what taking good car of your vehicle can yield. I can't say enough about this engine! I know for sure that if I had gotten an E90 M3 (S65) and driven it the way I did my 335I, there is no way I'd make it to this mileage without replacing either the Main, rod, or crank bearings. So guys keep on tracking your N54's. They are SOLID, and loads of fun. I may never let my car go, however, I will start thinking about it after 150K miles
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