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Ok this is my personal review on the VRSF FMIC

I'm sorry but I don't have pics of the install. This was my first MAJOR mods to my car that I did by myself. What started off as what was supposed to be a 2-3 hour job turned in almost 10 hours. I had 2 other people helping me. There were no instructions included, so for a mod virgin like myself thats didn't help. I used the youtube install for the HPF FMIC as a outline to help me. DO NOT FOLLOW THAT EXACTLY!!! The HPF use the factory piping where as the VRSF fmic have the silicone elbows and piping that replaces the factory piping.

1) take off the plastic piece under the car.

2) I would suggest taking the front bumper off it makes the install 100 times easier!!! But you don't have to if you don't want to.

3) after you do that it takes about 20-30 mins to take the OEM intercooler out (there are a few different youtube vids that can help you with this, even DIY on the forum)

4) Once that is out you do good to go ahead and put the VRSF provided piping on. Keep in mind the oem piping have ONE TIME CRIMP clamps. So once you take them off you can not reuse them. Take off the chargepipe side first so you know what you are looking for on the turbo side. And how to take it off.

5) the turbo side (passenger side) was a PITA!!!!! But once you get it off go ahead and put the VRSF piping on

6) Then start the cutting...once again its easier with the bumper off. I did not cut...I have a paranoia of cutting my car, so my friend did it. We started off cutting it a little smaller, and trimmed it out as needed.

7) once you get that then just mount everything up. The passenger side screw did not fit into the factory screw hole. So we kinda forced it back. Which bent the piping a little, but nothing I couldn't live with (and about this time it was like 2 am and we started at around 7pm) It did not effect the performance of the vehicle

8) put bumer back on

9) put plastic back on the car. And you are done.

i'M SORRY EVERYONE, but I don't have easy access to a dyno to give you true numbers, also I have no other performance mods beside, intake, and magnaflow mufflers. On the "butt dyno" 3rd and 4th gear feels GREAT!!!! And tonight at 47 degrees out side with no tune...OMG I can't wait to tune. On another note, I like about 3-4 mpg but I was told that once I get a tune that should change.


it did have some bent fins when I received. (I got the last test fmic before they started selling on the forum)

now installed on the car:


too much to list...just know its wide and bagged