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I've spent a lot more money on modding my diesel than I would have spent in fuel for my last car (v8) so its turned out i haven't saved any money at all, it had to go though, the constant trips to the petrol station were getting annoying and it felt like it was burned money rather than spent. I've gotten a lot more fun and satisfaction from the cash spent on mods, feels like spending on something physical rather than a daily taxation.
Weve probably all seen the diesel vs petrol cost comparisons and know ultimately you don't save much if anything but It wasn't even seeing the monthly spend that hurt, it was the amount of fill-ups that annoyed me most, every couple of days reminding me that it was draining the wallet whereas now I go once a week and forget about it... Weird how we justify things to ourselves.
As a daily driver I got used to the great sound and character of the engine and didn't appreciate it enough, I'd only go back to an engine like that if it were a Sunday car or I shortened my commute.